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We advance infrastructural development by reinforcing, developing, and bolstering our critical areas which include power railway operations maintenance, complementing with real estate and auxiliary services

Railway operations & maintenance

Our Operations team is built upon the expertise of corporations with over three decades in the mobility business. From a minority interest held by Mass Korean in Seoul Metro Rapid Transit, to our strategic alliance with Metro Istanbul and Keolis, FMIL works with a depth of capacity and competence that ensures daily delivery of reliable metro and regional railway solutions.

Mobility Dynamics is the operations & maintenance company that will operate FMIL trains and manage the stations. The team’s experience across both passenger and freight systems enables us to anticipate our customers’ needs, offering a wide range of high-quality, reliable services, leading to a high-quality passenger experience.

Power & energy infrastructure

We specialize in delivering complex rail infrastructure and power generation projects working closely with our clients, we make sure we understand their requirements and deliver them in a cost and time-effective manner, providing a full end-to-end solution. Typically this covers an assessment of the optimal technology mix, network planning, and entire stages of design, from feasibility to outline design and on to detailed design through building, executing, testing, and commissioning.



Our dedicated teams possess a deep understanding of the railway, helping us to develop safe and efficient solutions that consider the needs of the passenger during design, construction, and throughout the life of the new infrastructure.

The combined experience of our project team affords us the ability to advise and support our customers in developing cost-effective practical solutions in power generation and infrastructure to support railway operation.

Project management

We offer a total project management service that ensures that projects are completed on time, within budget and to defined quality standards.

We have an excellent understanding of all aspects of railway operations and railway construction, whether new build, enhancement or renewal and can offer a complete service for the project management of railway projects.

First Metro Dynamics Limited is the project management and engineering subsidiary to FMIL. We partner with the likes of Observatory Earth Analytics, Dar Al Handasah, Promega, Nexant Consult, and Reliance Railway for industry specific projects. Their role is to manage our projects, query contractor costs from technical, civil engineering and M&E contracts and basically provide and manage the SLAs and contracts we have with third parties to drive down our costs and ensure time bound delivery on our projects.

Realty development

We are involved in a wide range of business activities in addition to our railway operations. This includes the indirect development of residential and commercial projects, property leasing, and management.

We are enablers of socio-economic growth with the direct impact of our integrated railway expansions in conjunction with property development that will help make public-transit systems financially self-reliant while also promoting sustainable urban growth.


The Legacy Group of South Africa (developers of the Sun City, Nelson Mandela Square, and Micheal Angelo Towers in Jo’burg South Africa) is also working with FMIL to build up the transit-oriented developments at the Murtala Muhammad International Airport, domestic terminals, Ebute Metta Junction Station and Marina among other initiatives.

Our services and projects are delivered based on an adaptive business model that creates options and models to create value, collaboration and workable alliances with a clear path to delivery of set goals and objectives of stakeholders, partners and investors. FMIL ensures that every critical asset required for the effective delivery of reliable services remains within her control to ensure there’s no failure in the service delivery value chain.

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